The Fifth Annual LSNA Conference has come and gone. Despite the lack of sunshine until the middle of the last day (my apologies again to the participants!), it was a great success. It fully accomplished what I hoped it would in terms of:

  • building new bridges between North American and European Leibniz scholars
  • broadening knowledge of the recent accomplishments of the Akademie edition, including many new on-line resources
  • extending discussion of the development, structure and final form of Leibniz’s philosophy.

The last 25 years have witnessed enormous progress in Leibniz scholarship. We have a much better appreciation of, and access to, the full range of his philosophical and scientific writings, and we have interpretations of his thought that are more solidly based in textual evidence and sensitive to the range and diversity of his ideas. These developments were well represented at the conference. My thanks to all the participants for making it possible, especially Thomas Leinkauf and his colleagues from the Leibniz-Forschungsstelle, Münster, who helped to formulate the plan for the conference, which hopefully will be the basis for future collaborations.

Mark Kulstad has kindly provided some images of the meeting, available here.

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